…to Serve

It is very important to spend our time serving other people. Jesus wants us to serve others.
Our Bible Reading today gives us different ideas on how to serve others. If people are hungry, we should serve them food. If people are thirsty, we should give them something to drink. We may invite people into our home. We may serve by sharing our clothes and things with others. Or we may take care of those who are sick or visit people in prison.
My neighbor had major surgery. He couldn?t mow his lawn. So, I mowed his lawn for him. This is a simple and great example of serving others who are sick.
I know one deaf man who visits deaf people in prison. He is serving God by caring for His people in prison.
When you serve, do it with all of your heart. God will reward you for your service. Ephesians 6:7-8 tells us, ?Do your work, and be happy to do it. Work like you are serving the Lord, not like you are serving only men.?