Too Close!

My neighbor, Ryan, was mowing his lawn with a riding mower. His little girl wanted to be near her daddy. Many times Ryan cautioned his daughter, “Don’t get too close to the mower!”

Sometimes we may get too close to something dangerous. We may also get too close to something that is spiritually dangerous, too. James was a pastor who counseled a young woman who had an unhappy marriage. James and the woman had an affair. As a result, two marriages ended in divorce.

Our Bible Reading today talks about temptation. Verse 12a says, “Great blessings belong to those who are tempted and remain faithful!” Do you want these great blessings? Then you may need to stay away from places and situations where you will be tempted.

Jesus understands our temptations, and He will be with us to guide us. Let Him help you obey God and keep from getting “too close” to danger.