Too Shy*

After Duane King met some deaf people, he started a worship service just for the deaf. They met on Sunday afternoons.
My family started to learn sign language. My brother, Dave, and I became skilled in using the manual alphabet. Dave would fingerspell words to the deaf people as they came to church meetings. But I was too shy to sign anything.
Finally one Sunday, my brother convinced me that I should start signing to our deaf friends. It took a lot of courage, but I did it. I talked with a deaf person for the first time using sign language! With my hands shaking, I looked at Kenneth and carefully spelled H-I (Hi!). Do you know what happened then? He smiled and spelled H-I to me. I felt proud. But more important, I was no longer afraid to sign to deaf people. I felt silly for being so shy.
Sometimes we are too shy to tell others about Jesus. But when we finally have the courage to tell our friends about Him, we often find they are happy to learn about Jesus. Don’t be too shy to talk to others about Jesus ? or to speak to deaf people in sign language!