Tools (1)

Today and for the next few days we will be talking about tools. I need tools as I write these devotions. I use a Bible and a computer. Doctors use stethoscopes and thermometers. Teachers use books and papers. Almost everything we do requires tools.
Telling people about Jesus requires tools, too. Daily Devotions for the Deaf is a tool we can use. Many devotions in this book explain that we have sinned and need God’s forgiveness. These devotions include Bible verses that tell about God’s plan of salvation. One of these verses is verse 9 from our Bible Reading today.
I encourage you to continue reading Daily Devotions for the Deaf. Share the devotions with your family, friends and coworkers who are not Christians. Teach them how they can be saved and have eternal life.
Ask God to give you opportunities today to share His plan with other people.