Tools (3)

The book of Romans can be used as a tool to help you share with someone about Jesus. People sometimes call verses from Romans about salvation “The Romans Road.” Just as a road leads someone to a new place, these verses will lead someone to Jesus.
The Romans Road starts with Romans 3:23 which says, “All have sinned and are not good enough to share God’s divine greatness.” The next verse is Romans 6:23 which tells us that our sins will lead us to eternal death. Romans 6:3-5 tells us that when we are baptized, we share in Jesus’ death. Other verses from Romans you can share are 3:10-11, 5:8, 10:9-13, 5:1, 8:1 and 8:38-39.
You can mark these verses in your Bible. Then when you have the opportunity to talk to someone about Jesus, you can show them these verses from Romans.
Take time to read through these verses and think about them. Then share them with someone who needs salvation through Jesus.