Tools (4)

Today we will continue to talk about tools. Some jobs need really big tools. For example, construction workers use cranes and trucks. Other jobs use very small tools. Jewelry makers use very small screwdrivers. They also use magnifying glasses to help them see small parts of jewelry.
Another tool you can make to help you tell people about Jesus is a bracelet. Put five colored beads on a string or ribbon in this order: black, red, white, green, and yellow. The black bead represents our sin, the red shows us Jesus’ blood and the white bead represents our clean hearts. The green bead is for our new life and growth in Jesus, and the yellow bead represents eternal life with God.
Maybe you can make a bracelet like this. When you wear it, point to each bead and tell people what the colors represent. This bracelet will help you share that “Jesus died for us so that we can live together with him” (verse 10a of our Bible Reading).