Tools (5)

If I buy something that needs to be assembled, there are usually printed instructions that tell me how to put it together.
I know about an instruction book that doesn’t have any words. This book is called The Wordless Book. This book has five pages with a different color on each page. These colors are the ones we talked about yesterday – black, red, white, green and yellow. You can use this book to help you share the Good News about Jesus.
In verse 30 of our Bible Reading the jailer said to Paul and Silas, “Men, what must I do to be saved?” Paul and Silas knew how to teach the man about Jesus. If someone asks you about Jesus, what will you do? One thing you can do is show them The Wordless Book. Tell them what each color represents and explain how Jesus wants to be their Savior.
Maybe you want to make The Wordless Book so you can show it to your friends. God will help you as you share His message.