Tower of Babel

After God sent the flood to destroy people, Noah’s family began to grow. Noah’s sons had children, and then their children had children. After a while, there were many people again. But those people did not spread over the earth. Instead, they all lived in the same place.

These people became very proud of themselves. They realized they could do many things. Genesis 11:4 tells us what they decided to do. “Then the people said, ‘Let’s build ourselves a city and a tower that will reach to the sky. Then we will be famous. This will keep us together so that we will not be scattered all over the earth.’” This tower is often called the tower of Babel.

God saw that the people were proud. He knew that if they continued doing what they were doing, they would become more proud. They would depend on their own power and forget God. So God caused them to speak different languages and to spread all over the earth.

God does not want us to be proud. He does not want us to depend on our own power. God wants us to depend on Him. Remember that our power can fail, but God’s power will never fail.