Train Ride (1)

If you take a train from northern China to southern China, you will see many interesting things. The land in the north is different from the land in the south. The weather and the culture are different, too.
In southern China you can see many tombstones scattered in the fields. Often these tombstones are painted bright colors. Others are the color of natural stone. But all the tombstones are covered with Chinese writing. Even though they are very old, the tombstones are always clean. The Chinese people are careful to keep the tombstones clean to honor the people who have died.
The Chinese people are good at remembering the past. Each year they celebrate a holiday called “Tomb Sweeping Day.” On this day, the Chinese people clean the tombstones of their dead relatives. They do this to show respect.
In our Bible Reading, God told the Israelites they should remember Him and His commands. Take time today to ask God to help you remember what He has done for you.