Train Ride (2)

If you continue your train ride through China, you will see many people eating “instant noodles.” These noodles come in small bowls. You need to pull back the lid and add the vegetable and seasoning packet to the noodles. Then stir in some hot water. Wait three minutes, and the noodles are ready to eat. Delicious! These noodles are called “instant” because they are ready to eat in a couple of minutes. You don’t need a lot of patience to wait for your meal.
Many times in my life I have faced situations where I needed patience. Sometimes I was not patient. I became impatient and angry. Often I stayed angry for a long time. Our Bible Reading today was written by King David. These verses tell us about a time when God was angry. But God did not stay angry. God was patient with David.
We sin, and we deserve the punishment of death. But God is patient with us. We should be patient and loving like God.