Train Ride (3)

As you ride the train in southern China, you will see many mountains. You can clearly see the mountains because the afternoon sun is shining brightly. But soon the train car becomes very dark.
The darkness comes from a tunnel. To save time, the Chinese Railway Bureau cut tunnels through the mountains in this area. After you are through the tunnel, you come back into the bright sunlight again. As you continue to go in and out of these tunnels, the sunshine seems brighter and the darkness seems blacker.
People in the world today disagree about who Jesus is. Some people think He is only a good teacher. Others believe Jesus is God’s Son. Our Bible Reading today calls Jesus the “Great Light.” People who are living in the darkness of sin need Jesus to be the Great Light in their lives.
Today you will have opportunities to tell other people about Jesus, the Great Light. Ask God to help you share this Good News with others.