Traveling with Paul (3)

Barnabas was a man from the island of Cyprus. Acts 4:36-37 tells us that Barnabas’ name means “one who encourages others.” These verses also tell us that Barnabas sold some land and gave the money to the apostles. And Acts chapters 13 and 14 tell us that Barnabas traveled with Paul on one of his missionary journeys.
Barnabas was truly a person who encouraged other Christians. In our Bible Reading today we learn how Barnabas encouraged Paul (also called Saul). Paul was a person who did bad things to Christians. Then Paul became a Christian. But some Christians did not trust Paul. They thought that he would do bad things to them. So Barnabas “told them…how the Lord had spoken to Saul. Then he told them how boldly Saul had spoken for the Lord in Damascus” (verse 27b).
Look for ways you can serve and encourage other Christians like Barnabas did.