Traveling with Paul (4)

Our Bible Reading today talks about a man named Titus. He was a Greek man who became a Christian. Titus traveled with Paul and Barnabas when they went to Jerusalem. In Titus 1:4, Paul called Titus “a true son to me in the faith we share together.”
Later Paul traveled with Titus to the island of Crete. Paul left Titus on Crete so he could “finish doing what still needed to be done” and to “choose men to be elders in every town” (Titus 1:5). Paul wrote a letter to Titus to help him do this work. This letter is the book of Titus in the New Testament.
Titus grew from a new Christian into a man who was able to carry on the work that Paul started. Titus became a strong leader with the help of Paul and other Christians.
We need to continue to grow in Christ every day. Reading the Bible, praying and fellowshiping with our brothers and sisters in Christ are ways that we can become stronger Christians.