Traveling with Paul (7)

In Acts, chapter 18, we learn about a husband and wife named Aquila and Priscilla. “They were tentmakers, the same as Paul, so he stayed with them and worked with them” (Acts 18:3). They traveled to the city of Ephesus (Acts 18:19) and helped him spread the news about Jesus.
We do not know a lot about Aquila and Priscilla, but our Bible Reading for today tells us something important about them. First, Paul says that they worked with him for Christ Jesus (verse 3). Second, Paul says in verse 4, “They risked their own lives to save mine.”
Aquila and Priscilla were willing to die so that Paul’s life would be saved. They were strong Christians, and they knew that God would take care of them in every situation.
No matter what you will face in the future, you can know that God is your protection and source of strength. Be like Aquila and Priscilla and depend on Him!