Treasure Hunt

I had a birthday party for my daughters. I hid prizes in boxes around the yard. Then I gave each child a map with an “X” to show where their prize was hidden. Some children started complaining and gave up very quickly. Others found their box but did not open it to find the prize. And some children opened their box and discovered the prize.
The writer of Psalm 13 was like these children. He begins by complaining that God has forgotten him. Then in verse 5 the writer says that he trusts God. He ends the psalm by praising God. “Then I will sing to the Lord because he was so good to me.”
Think about your life. When you face troubles, do you just complain and blame God for what is happening to you? Or do you remember how God has taken care of you in the past and continue to depend on Him?
God has good things planned for you today. Trust Him and praise Him!