1479366000A man was on a trip, and someone stole his wallet. The man lost $100 and his identification cards. The man was upset, but he knew that was something that could happen to anyone.
But this man did not keep his real valuables — jewelry, keepsakes, important documents — in his wallet. He kept those things in a safe deposit box at a bank. It would be very difficult for someone to break into the bank and steal the things in his safe deposit box. So where was the best place to keep his valuables — in his wallet or in a safe deposit box?
In our Bible verses, Jesus talked about saving up treasures. People who are not Christians save up their treasures on earth. When they die, they lose those treasures. But everything a Christian does for God is saved up in heaven. These treasures are safe forever.
Don’t worry about earthly things today. Instead, obey God and save up treasures in heaven!