All of us have special things that we own. We call these things our treasures. We keep these treasures safe. My wife has her wedding dress in a box that is on a high shelf. I keep my tools in a special wooden box.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus talked about treasures. These verses remind us that when we save treasures here on earth, they may wear out, be stolen or be eaten by moths. Jesus said that we should save our treasures in heaven.
We cannot save earthly things in heaven. But we can save spiritual treasures in heaven. Spiritual treasures are things that we do for God and for other people – feeding the poor, visiting sick people, helping at church. Verse 20b tells us that these “treasures in heaven cannot be destroyed by moths or rust. And thieves cannot break in and steal that treasure.”
We can choose to save earthly treasures or choose to save spiritual treasures. If we serve God, He will reward us. God will give us blessings here on earth and blessings in heaven. I hope you will start saving up spiritual treasures today!