Trees (1)

There are many different kinds of trees and wood in the world. Sometimes furniture is made from oak wood. Floors are often made from pine. Each tree is different. Each kind of wood is special in its own way.
In today’s Bible Reading, God told Noah to build a boat. God told Noah what kind of wood to use for the boat. God chose a special kind of wood for this very special boat.
This reminds me of people. There are many kinds of people in the world, too. No two people are exactly the same. God gave each person a special purpose in life. God loves all people, but He made each person to be special and different. God gives some people special talents to paint pictures. Other people can write books. And some people can fly airplanes.
Sometimes maybe you are sad because you are different than other people. Or maybe you wish you had the same talents as other people. Don’t be sad! God made you just the way you are for His special purpose.