Trees (2)

I love trees. When I was a little girl, I liked to climb trees. I loved to pretend that I had a tree house. But I was always careful to climb trees that were strong enough to hold my weight. If the tree was weak, I could fall.
Today’s Bible Reading talks about trees with strong roots. Think about a really tall tree that you have seen. If that tree did not have strong roots, it would probably fall over when a strong wind blew. But if the tree had enough water and light, its roots would be deep. The tree would stand strong, even in high winds.
When we read the Bible and talk with God, we are like a tree receiving water and light. God’s Word gives us strength. Our spiritual “roots” grow deep. If our spiritual roots are deep, we will be able to say “No!” to the devil. If we do not have strong spiritual roots, we will fall away from God.
Serve and obey God today so you will have strong spiritual roots.