I enjoy going into the woods. Why? Because I really like trees. I think that trees are the nicest plants God made. There are so many different kinds of trees. Each kind of tree looks different from the other trees. God gave each kind of tree a special purpose in nature.
People are like trees in some ways. Each person is different from every other person in the world. It is good that people in the church are all different. If all Christians were the same, some jobs in the church would not get done. Every person has special talents. Just like trees, God made all Christians to serve special purposes in the church.
Maybe you feel that you do not have a purpose in the church. Our Bible Reading today tells us that God made every person in a special way. God knew all about you before you were even born. He planned a special job for you in His family, the church.
Don’t forget that you are important! Praise God for making you special.