Tricks of the Devil

Maybe you have read the expression “things are not always what they appear to be.” To explain this, I will share a story with you.
When I was living in Haiti, we had a large pressure cooker. One day we found a turkey in a local market and cooked it in the pressure cooker. At the end of the day, the cooker was sitting outside our back door. Only the turkey bones were still remaining in the pan. A nosy neighbor walked by, saw the bones and started screaming that we were cannibals and were eating children. The police were called. Of course, we were easily cleared of the charges.
My neighbor thought something was true that was not true at all. The devil does the same thing with us. He likes to make things look exciting and glamorous, but really these things are just plain sinful!
Our Bible verses today remind us that we should be wearing God’s armor to protect us when the devil tries to trick us into disobeying God. Be careful today. Stand strong for God!