In today’s Bible Reading we learn that the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the desert. While Jesus was there, the devil came and tempted Him. The devil wanted Jesus to disobey God and do something wrong.
The desert was probably not a very nice place. Mark 1:13 tells us that there were wild animals in the desert with Jesus. So why did this happen to Jesus? Was God mad at Jesus? No, God loved Jesus. And God allowed these troubles to happen to Jesus. But Jesus obeyed God and did not give in to the devil’s temptations.
Sometimes when I am in trouble, I think that God is mad at me. But then I remember that Jesus went through hard times, too. Mark 1:13b says that “angels came and helped Jesus” while He was in the desert. God will help me when I am facing troubles, too.
No matter what troubles you are facing, God will help and comfort you. Ask Him to be with you today.