Our Bible Reading tells us that Jesus and His followers were in a boat on the lake. “A very bad wind came up on the lake. The waves were coming over the sides and into the boat, and it was almost full of water” (verse 37).
Where was Jesus when the wind was blowing so hard? “Jesus was inside the boat, sleeping with his head on a pillow” (verse 38a). Jesus’ followers were afraid that they would drown, so they woke Jesus. Then Jesus stood up and commanded the wind and water to be quiet. “Then the wind stopped, and the lake became calm” (verse 39b).
Sometimes we may feel like the disciples in the boat with Jesus. We are facing troubles, and we feel overwhelmed. Instead of trying to solve our problems alone, we need to trust Jesus to help us.
What troubles are you facing today? Lost your job? Too many bills? Car broken? No matter what troubles you have, you can depend on Jesus. He will help you and give you strength.