True Christmas

Soon many Christians will celebrate Christmas. We can read the story about Jesus? birth in the books of Matthew and Luke. The word ?Christmas? is not found in the Bible. And, Jesus never told us to remember His birth. But it is good to know this story and to thank God for sending Jesus to the earth.
Each country has its own Christmas traditions. Some families have their own Christmas traditions, too. Traditions are okay, but they should never be more important than the true meaning of Christmas.
The true meaning of Christmas is that God sent His Son, Jesus, to earth as a human. Jesus lived on earth for about thirty-three years. Then He died so that He could accept the punishment for our sins. Jesus arose so we know that we can have eternal life with Him.
For the next few days we will look at some Christmas traditions. Maybe these are traditions that you and your family remember each year. But don?t forget to thank God for sending Jesus to die for you.