True Friends

Several years ago, my husband, Ross, died. In the first few months after his death, I felt so lonely and empty. This emptiness filled my whole life — my house, my heart and my ministry for God. I knew that God had not forgotten me, but He seemed so far away.
During these months, I spent a lot of time with my friends, Chuck and Peggy. They took me into their home, surrounded me with their love and helped me work through the grieving process. Every day Chuck assured me that what I was facing was temporary and I would be okay. Peggy provided me with hugs and words of comfort. These friends accepted me even when I was angry and afraid. They loved me like true friends should.
Our verses today tell us about four men who brought their crippled friend to Jesus to be healed. When they faced difficulties, these friends worked even harder to help the man. They were his true friends.
Be a friend to someone today. Be with them through the good times and the bad times.