True Love

Are there some foods that you do not like to eat? Maybe they taste sour or are too spicy or make you feel sick. I do not like mustard, eggplant and lamb. I do not eat these foods because I do not like them.
Sometimes a person may hurt our feelings or be mean to us. Then we say that we do not like that person. But we should love that person anyway. We should love people even if they do not love us. Sometimes it is very hard to love people who are not kind to us. But our Bible Reading today reminds us that we should love all people ? even our enemies!
1 John 3:23 says, ?This is what God commands: that we believe in his Son Jesus Christ and that we love each other. This is what he commanded.? God does not give us a list of people that we don?t need to love. He wants us to love everyone.
Maybe it is hard for you to love some people. Pray to God and tell Him that it is hard for you to love those people. God will help you show love and kindness to everyone.