True Love

Love is a word/sign we use a lot. But many people do not understand what it means. We use this word/sign so often that sometimes we forget the true meaning of love. For example, when we watch a movie we really like, we say, “I love that movie!” Or if we have a favorite food, we might say, “Oh, I love that food!” When we use love in this way, we really mean that we like the movie or food.
Our Bible Reading today talks about the true meaning of love. One kind of love is a commandment. God commands us to love each other. Another kind of love is the kind of love that grows through a relationship. Several characteristics of true love are listed in these verses.
Sometimes I wonder if I am showing true love. Then I put my name in verses 4 through 8 of our Bible Reading. My name is Jessica, so I read, “Jessica is patient, and Jessica is kind. Jessica is not jealous…” When I read the verses this way, I notice which characteristics I need to develop in my life. Then I ask God to help me really love other people. You can do the same thing, too!