True Stories

My three children always loved to have me read them stories before bedtime. Some of the stories I read to them were about things that really happened. But sometimes the stories were made up.
Verses 1 and 2 of our Bible Reading say, “My people, listen to my teachings. Listen to what I say. I will tell you a story. I will tell you about things from the past that are hard to understand.” The stories that we read in the Bible are all true. Some of the things that happened were very strange — people being raised from the dead, the dividing of a large sea, a small lunch feeding 5000 people — but they are all true.
God did these amazing and strange things so that we can know that He is powerful and wise. When we see God’s power, we can know that His promises about salvation and eternal life are true.
As you read the Bible, remember that it is true. And remember that it all happened because God loves you so much!