True Worship

Recently my wife and I remodeled our kitchen. When we were finished, we gave our kitchen to the Lord.
My wife and I think that our entire house belongs to God. We are able to own our house because God blessed us with it. Now we want to worship Him with our house. We plan to do this by inviting more people to come to our house. We hope that these people will know that God lives in our house.
True worship of God is not about our possessions. It is about the attitude in our heart. In our Bible Reading today we learn that Israel’s enemies took treasures from the temple. Then King Rehoboam made bronze shields to replace the gold shields that were taken away. The king did not care if the shields were gold or bronze. He still went to the temple to worship God. Rehoboam had a humble heart. He truly worshiped God.
I hope that you will worship God and make Him most important in your life.