Trust (1)

Maybe someone hurt you. Now it is hard to trust that person again. You are afraid that they might hurt you again. You don’t believe that you can depend on that person any more. But you can always trust God. He will never disappoint you.

Have you ever played a game where you fall backwards and someone catches you? This means you must trust the person who is catching you. Sometimes the person who is catching can become distracted. Then they let you fall to the ground. But God is not like that. We can always depend on Him. He will not let us fall.

David trusted God, and God kept him safe. In Psalm 26:3, David talks about this. “I will always remember your faithful love. I depend on your faithfulness.” We can always rely on God. He never lets us down. We can know for sure that all of God’s promises will come true.

What will happen to you today? Maybe you will make important decisions. Maybe you will have problems with your family relationships. Or maybe you will face some kind of danger. Trust God. Remember that He is always with you and will keep you safe.