Trust (10)

Almost two thousand years ago, the first church started in Jerusalem. From that time on, people have learned about Jesus and shared their faith with other people. That’s how the Good News has spread and the church has grown. This is amazing!

Timothy was a young preacher. Paul loved Timothy and wanted to help him grow and be a good church leader. In the New Testament we have two letters that Paul wrote to Timothy to teach and encourage him to keep teaching people about Jesus.

In 2 Timothy, Paul told Timothy that he was like a soldier, an athlete and a farmer. Soldiers, athletes and farmers focus on doing their job well. Paul encouraged Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2. “What you have heard me teach publicly you should teach to others. Share these teachings with people you can trust. Then you will be able to teach others these same things.”

As Christians, we need to share God’s Word with others. Our job is to teach people about Jesus and encourage them to grow. You may have an opportunity to be a witness for God today. God will give you understanding and the strength to do His work.