Trust (2)

Have you ever felt that God had forgotten you? Maybe you were out of work and couldn’t find a job. Maybe you couldn’t have the baby you always wanted. Maybe your child was very ill in the hospital. Maybe your best friend betrayed you.

During bad times, many people do not understand what is happening to them. They feel that God is not with them. These people say to God, “I need you now. Where are you?” They think that God has broken His promises to them.

When we follow and obey God, we can trust Him to always be with us. Psalm 33:18 talks about this. “The Lord watches over his followers, those who wait for him to show his faithful love.” God is always watching us and waiting to give us His help and show us His mercy. We can ask God to help us find a job, give us a family, heal a sickness or help us learn to trust a friend again. Even when things go wrong in our lives, we can ask God to forgive us and show us His mercy.

Remember today that God is your friend. He loves you and always wants what is best for you. Trust Him to help you obey and serve Him.