Trust (4)

A woman was a secretary for a company in a large city. This company printed magazines. When a new magazine came out, the secretary would go to different businesses in the city and give them a copy of the magazine.

One day the woman went into a large skyscraper. She took the elevator to the 12th floor. She delivered a magazine and got back in the elevator. But instead of going back down to the lobby, the elevator stopped on another floor. A man got on the elevator and grabbed the woman by her wrists. As the woman struggled with the man, she started praying out loud and asking God to help her. She finally broke free, and the man ran off.

This woman said she knew for sure that God was protecting her that day. The writer of Psalm 3:5 knew that he could trust God to keep him safe, too. “I can lie down to rest and know that I will wake up, because the Lord covers and protects me.” It is very comforting to think about God covering us and keeping us safe.

Maybe you will be in a dangerous situation today. Or maybe you will face some difficult problems. Don’t be afraid! Trust God to be with you and protect you.