Trust (5)

Do you have a BFF — a Best Friend Forever? When I was young, I had a best friend. We did everything together. My friend was always there to help me if I was lonely, hurt, tired, sad or looking for adventure. We knew each other’s secrets and dreams. The more time we spent together, the closer we became. We wanted to always be together.

It is like that with God. The more we read His Word and pray to Him, the closer we become. We can be friends with God because of what Jesus did for us. Paul talks about this in Romans 5:11. “And not only will we be saved, but we also rejoice right now in what God has done for us through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is because of Jesus that we are now God’s friends.”

God wants every person to be His friend. He wants us to share our hopes and our dreams with Him. God also wants us to share our fears and our burdens. We can always depend on God. Our friends on earth may sometimes hurt us or let us down. But we can trust God to always be our Best Friend Forever!

Share your thoughts and feelings with God today. Study His Word so that you can know how to obey and serve Him.