I arrived home after the workshop. I walked back and forth in my house looking for the car keys. Then I remembered that I trusted God. I prayed, and He led me to a chair in my dining room. My keys were on the chair — right where I had left them the night before!
The fourth important word I learned was trust. If I trust God, it means that I really believe in Him, I know that He will help me, and I will wait patiently for His answers.
Our Bible Reading talks about people who worship false gods. Verses 5-7 tell us about these false gods. They have “mouths, but can’t talk. They have eyes, but can’t see. They have ears, but can’t hear. They have noses, but can’t smell. They have hands, but can’t feel. They have legs, but can’t walk.”
We can’t trust in false gods. We can only trust in the one, true God. Verses 9-11 remind us to “trust the Lord.” I trusted God. He helped me find my keys. God will help you, too.