Trust (6)

I knew a very humble Christian woman. She was just an ordinary woman. High school was difficult for her. She had trouble developing relationships with other people. She wore only plain, modest clothes. She raised her children in a very simple lifestyle.

Although this woman had a problem with reading, writing and math, there was one thing she understood clearly. She understood that she needed to respect God and obey Him. This woman lived for God every day. She was an amazing role model for me and other young people.

How did this woman show her respect for God? She showed her respect through her prayer life. She spent time every day talking with God and seeking His help. She also showed her respect for God through the way she raised her children. The writer of Psalm 115:11 was like this woman. He knew that trust is an important part of respecting God. “Followers of the Lord, trust in the Lord! He is your strength and shield.”

Do you show other people that you love and respect God? Recognize His power and trust Him to lead you every day.