Many people came to see Jesus. There were more than 5000 people in the crowd. Jesus asked Philip where they could buy enough bread to feed all those people.
Imagine how Philip felt! He told Jesus that they would have to work a long time so they could earn enough money to feed those people. But Jesus already knew what He was going to do. “He asked Philip this question to test him” (verse 6b).
Andrew brought a little boy’s lunch of five barley loaves and two little fish. Jesus took the food, thanked God and told the disciples to hand out the bread and fish. All the people had plenty to eat and there were twelve baskets of leftovers!
What was Jesus teaching Philip? He was teaching Philip to trust in God. We need to trust God, too. He has the answers for all of our problems.
Are you facing a difficult situation today? Trust God. He will help you solve your problems.