Trust and Obey

In our Bible Reading, we learn that God told Abraham to kill his son, Isaac. Abraham must have been very sad. He probably could not understand why God wanted him to kill Isaac.
But Abraham loved and trusted God. So Abraham took Isaac to the land of Moriah. Abraham built an altar and put some wood on it. Then Abraham “tied his son Isaac. Abraham laid Isaac on the altar on the wood. Then Abraham took his knife and prepared to kill his son” (verses 9b-10).
But God did not want Abraham to kill Isaac. God wanted to know if Abraham loved Him enough to obey Him. God sent an angel to stop Abraham from killing Isaac. God said in verse 12b, “Now I can see that you do respect and obey God. I see that you are ready to kill your son, your only son, for me.”
Sometimes God asks us to do hard things, too. We need to be sure to always trust and obey Him.