Trust God

Recently I had a stroke. I was placed in a helicopter and flown to a hospital twenty minutes away. I did not know any of the people who took care of me. I had never flown in a helicopter before. So I had to trust the doctors and nurses and the pilot who flew the helicopter.
Our Bible verses today talk about surrendering to God and trusting Him. Verse 11 says, “Serve the Lord with fear and trembling.” Verse 10 tells us that this verse was written to kings and rulers, but it is a good thing for us to do, too. We need to remember that God is All-Powerful and that He is in control of the universe. We should give our lives to God and trust Him to take care of us.
Maybe there are things happening in your life right now that you do not understand. Pray about those things and ask God to help you. Then continue to surrender to Him and trust Him.
God knows what is best for your life. Trust Him today!