Trust God

In our Bible Reading today, the writer is depressed and discouraged. He thinks God has forgotten him. Finally, the writer pleads with God in verse 3. “Lord my God, look at me! Answer my question! Let me know the answer or I will die!”
Although the psalm writer is depressed, he still trusts God. In verses 5-6 he said, “Lord, I trusted in your love to help me. You saved me and made me happy! I sing a happy song to the Lord because he did good things for me.”
Perhaps you think that God has forgotten you because He does not seem to answer your prayers. Sometimes God wants us to wait for our answers. We need to be patient and continue to trust Him.
If we truly ask for God’s help, He will hear us. Our answer may not come right away, but God will answer our prayers in His time. Then we will praise God, because He always knows what is best for us.