Trust God

The morning newspaper had stories about murders and robberies. One of my non-Christian friends said, “If God is real, these terrible things would not happen.” My Christian friend said, “God will bring good things from these bad situations.”
What my Christian friend said is true. God will bring good things from terrible things that happen. But God’s plan is not our plan. We want to see good things happen now. Sometimes God takes many years for these good things to happen.
In our Bible Reading, the prophet, Habakkuk, complained to God. Habakkuk didn’t want the Babylonians to defeat and capture the Israelites. That didn’t seem fair to Habakkuk. But in 2:1b, Habakkuk said, “I will wait to see what the Lord will say to me. I will wait and learn how he answers my questions.” If we trust God’s plan, we should do what Habakkuk did. We will wait and let God take care of our problems in His time.
Maybe you are impatient with God’s plan today. Trust God. He knows what is best for you.