Trust in the Lord

In today’s world it is often hard to trust people. We see on the news that someone stole money from elderly people or took advantage of poor people. We want to be able to trust the people that we meet.
For sure, we can trust God. Our Bible Reading today gives us several reasons why we can trust God. God listens to our prayers (verse 2), forgives our sins (verse 3), does what is right (verse 5), saves us (verse 5), and takes care of creation (verses 6-13).
I know that I can trust God. He takes care of me every day. Therefore, I know that God will take care of me in the future, too. God wants me to trust Him and depend on Him.
Maybe today someone will fail you, and you will feel you can’t trust that person. Don’t be discouraged. Remember that you can always trust God. He will be with you, love you and guide you.