Trust in the Lord

Peter Marshall was a famous preacher. When he died, his wife, Catherine, was overcome with grief and stress.
As Catherine tried to work through this grief, she realized that God was telling her to grow up and become more mature. Later, as she looked back over this time of grief, she said that God had taken her “grief and smashed hope and turned them into astonishing good.”
As long as we live on earth, there will always be things that cause us grief and worry — death, poverty, sickness or war. But we need to remember that God has a plan for our lives and that He can bring good things from our bad times.
We need to keep trusting God through these bad times. Verse 31 of our Bible Reading says, “But those who trust in the Lord will become strong again — like eagles that grow new feathers. They will run and not get weak. They will walk and not get tired.”
No matter what you are facing today, keep on trusting God. He will always be with you.