Trust in the Lord

The four verses in our Bible Reading today are very important to me. I like to read these verses over and over. Why? Because these verses relax me and give me comfort.
Last year I had a job that was very stressful. I was unhappy and frustrated at work. One Sunday night, my boss called me at home. He said, ?You?re fired! We don?t have the money to pay you anymore.? I was so sad and depressed. I cried and cried.
But I still trusted God to take care of me. Soon after that, my mother needed surgery. I had to take her to medical appointments, stay with her in the hospital and take her to therapy. If I had been working, I couldn?t have helped my mother.
God knew that my mother would need my help. God made a way for me to be with my mother. I trusted him, and He showed me what to do.
Remember that God is in control of your life. Trust Him completely.