Trust Jesus

Our Bible Reading today is a combination of the verses from the past two days. If you read these verses again, you may notice that Jesus did not see things the same way as other people.
The people who were with Jairus’ daughter said that she was dead. But what did Jesus say? “This child is not dead. She is only sleeping” (verse 39b). Jesus knew that He was God’s Son. In John 11:25a, Jesus said, “I am the resurrection. I am life.” Jesus knew that He could bring Jairus’ daughter back to life.
When we have problems or worries in our lives, we may only see the problems. But Jesus sees that these problems are a way for us to grow and learn. We may only see things to worry about. But Jesus sees opportunities for us to trust Him more.
Try to see things today as Jesus does. As you go through the day, don’t just see problems and hard times. Instead, look for ways to grow and trust Jesus more.