Trust Jesus

The Bible books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us about many people who were sick or crippled (could not walk). These people came to Jesus, and they asked Jesus to heal them. One example of this is the man who could not walk (Mark 2:1-12). His friends lowered him through a roof to Jesus.
But our Bible Reading today is about a time when Jesus went to a lame man. Maybe this man did not have anyone who could carry him to Jesus. He could have said, ?I can?t be healed. No one can take me to Jesus.? Sometimes we act like that. We make excuses why we can?t do something for God. We can?t go to Bible study because we don?t have a car. Or we can?t help a missionary because we don?t have much money.
God helped the lame man to be healed. Jesus went to him, and the man trusted Jesus to help him. God will help us, too. We do not need to make excuses. We can trust God to help us serve Him every day.