I hired a caterer to provide the food for my husband?s 60th birthday party. I decided what food we would have and left the rest of the plans to the caterer. But instead of trusting the caterer, I worried. I wondered if the food would come on time. I worried that there might not be enough food for all the people.
It has always been hard for me to realize that I can?t do everything by myself. I accepted Jesus as my Savior twenty years ago, but I still have a problem trusting Him with my life. I always want to control my life instead of letting Jesus guide me.
People can make mistakes. But God does not make mistakes. He has promised to never leave me. If God is in control of my life, I don?t ever need to worry.
My husband?s birthday party was successful. The caterer did a wonderful job. God will also do a wonderful job of leading me and taking care of me. I can always trust Him.