Trusting God

I had a great job. But one day I knew that God wanted me to quit my job. I did not have a better job waiting for me, but I decided to trust God. So I quit my job.
This situation reminds me of our Bible Reading today. God had promised to give Abraham a son. After many years of waiting, God blessed Abraham with a son, Isaac. Then God told Abraham to sacrifice (kill) Isaac.
Abraham, Isaac, and some of Abraham?s servants traveled to Moriah. In verse 5, Abraham told his servants, ?Then we will come back to you later.? Notice that Abraham said ?we.? Abraham trusted God so much that he believed that somehow God would save Isaac. Abraham completely trusted God and His plan for his life.
I wanted to trust God, too, so I quit my job. I faced some financial problems, but God helped me take care of every problem. Then God blessed me with a new job. This new job gives me lots of opportunities to share the Good News about Jesus.