Turkey Buzzards

The other day I watched some turkey buzzards. Most people think that turkey buzzards are ugly birds. That?s because they see turkey buzzards on the ground. Often these birds are very clumsy as they walk around. And, they eat dead animals that are decaying.
But I watched the turkey buzzards as they were flying in the air. They were beautiful! The turkey buzzards had large wing spans and gracefully soared in the sky.
This reminded me of our Bible Reading today. In these verses Isaiah talked about people who fall down (sin). Verse 31 says that if these people trust God, He will make them strong like eagles.
Sometimes we disobey God. Then people see the wrong things we have done. But if we trust God, He will help us stand strong again. With God?s help, we can become beautiful, like a turkey buzzard soaring in the sky.
Let God use His power to help you today.