Turn to God

At one time, I sold illegal drugs. I was an important person among drug dealers. I earned lots of money and thought I was happy with my sinful lifestyle.
But then things started becoming worse. Finally, I “hit bottom.” I repented of my sin and asked God to forgive me. When I turned to God, I started following and obeying Jesus.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul tells us about when he turned to God and started following Jesus. Jesus talked to Paul about the people he would meet (verse 18b), “They will turn away from darkness to the light. They will turn away from the power of Satan, and they will turn to God. Then their sins can be forgiven, and they can be given a place among God’s people — those who have been made holy by believing in me.”
God changed my life, just like the people that Jesus talked about in verse 18. I turned to God. You can turn to God and follow Him, too!